Sébastien Maury

UI. UX. Interactions.

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Mobile Screenshot
Testing the Google Glasses.

UI/UX designer

Currently freelancer in Nantes, France.

Though smartphones are really helpfull, I like to see interactions as a lot more than just tapping your screen with your finger.

That is why I like to imagine new ways of living with / experiencing technologies.

  • Diploma: Master's degree in Tangible interfaces with a double degree in designing connected objects and interactive services.
  • Last work: A new discovery experience for the tea/coffee drinking

How I work?

Le Totem
Testing the totem.

Le Totem

How can we bring magic and travel into a tea house ? Through a sensorial interface that allows chosing what we want with the nose, the ears and the eyes rather than with asian names.

  • Role: Conception and prototyping / A to Z
  • Client: Ojacaranda, tea house in Nantes
  • Year: 2016
Le Grand Duc
Working on the radio madule.

Le Grand Duc

How can we make people enter an other timespace as they walk into the WWII section of a museum ? Listening to the radio, and trying to find the resistant station.

  • Role: UX design
  • Context: Creative Marathon with Museomix
  • Featured: In Les Champs Libres, museum in Rennes
  • Year: 2015
La machine à cocktail
The machine in function.

La Machine à Cocktails

How can we transcript virtual data into the real world ? Assuming we are in touch with the world thanks to our senses, using them would be great. But the eyes are already stimulated a lot. So why not try with the taste ?

  • Role: Interaction design
  • Context: Workshop with Stéréolux
  • Featured: In Web2Day, digital festival in Nantes
  • Year: 2014

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